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            Name: Shandong Guangwei Disinfectant Co., Ltd.
            Address: Shandong Linqu
            Contact person: Ma Guangkui
            Mobile phone:13706463777
            Telephone:0536-3412089 3412789
            Zip code:262600

             Daily and household disinfection 2019-09-18
             Replacement of disinfectant for 2019-09-18
             Prevention of disinfectant poiso 2019-09-18
             Summary of Earthquake Rescue Wor 2019-09-18
             Guangwei Disinfectant Helps Zhuj 2019-09-18
             Shandong Guangwei Disinfectant C 2019-09-18
            Health series
            Industrial series
            Animal husbandry series
            Planting Series
              Shandong Guangwei Disinfectant Co., Ltd. is a huge producing & marketing corporation comprising of chemical industry, biology, electronic products and medical instruments. It is located in Shan Dong province of China, which has advantageous locality, convenient transportation, abundant natural resources and well educated people.
               The group company consists of Guangwei disinfectant Co., Ltd, Guangwei highpower electronic company, Guangwei biological product company and Guangwei medical instrument company. As being core sub-company...

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